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iShop IBM i E-Commerce by inFORM Decisions



IBM i native Storefront Shopping

iShop is a professional services project area, dedicated to web enabled commerce from the IBM i platform.

An iShop professional services engagement provides the architecture design, project management, security analysis,  technology selection and implementation necessary to achieve the customer’s e-commerce objectives.

In the past, implementations have broadly followed two patterns:

A shopping cart running on an IBM i server. This includes searchable product catalogs from db2 tables and order export to db2 tables on the same lpar.

A connector from the e-commerce server to the IBM i data server. This connector serves as a pipe, uploading product data to the e-commerce server and downloading order and payment information.

IBM i e-commerce solutions from inFORM Decisions are engineered with the following considerations:

  • High availability and reliability
  • Close integration with existing ERP packages
  • Data readily available to in-house RPG programmers.
  • Real-time export of order and payment information to ERP packages.

iShop implementations are engineered with the following end-user functionality considerations:

  • Anonymous or account based shopping.
  • Keyword searchable product database.
  • Searchable purchase history.
  • Full featured shopping cart.
  • Browse items by product category.
  • Browse order history.
  • Integration with PCI-compliant internet credit card gateways/processors.