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IBM i Document Automation

inFORM’s affordable iDocs Suite makes it practical for any company to save thousands by using paperless document management. Efficiently design and produce quality laser forms, laser checks and reports directly from System i spool output; electronically burst, format and intelligently distribute; index and archive in a web-based repository for fast 24x7access. Eliminate the cost of obsolete pre-printed forms and checks plus the pervasive costs of handling paper documents with the following iDocs modules:

iDocs – IBM i document automation central processing engine
iForms – Snap on laser forms printing module
SmartRouter – Intelligently burst, sort, bundle & distribute reports & forms
iMail – Automated distribution of reports, forms and checks in popular formats
iFax – Seamless facsimile capability
iPDF – IBM i (iSeries) Native PDF Conversion
iCapture – Feature-rich, document imaging and indexing for faster searching and retrieval
iView – Store and retrieve eDocuments anytime, anywhere

IBM Document Management

iDocs™ is inFORM’s acclaimed Document Automation Administrator. It is the shared component – the nerve center and brains – of IFD’s document management solutions.  Through easy-to-use menus, users can define overlays, mapping, routing instructions as well as various and complex conditional definitions to allow users to sort, burst, collate, route and store reports, forms, checks, and other business documents. iDocs works with any ERP/Accounting solution that runs on IBM AS/400, iSeries, System i or IBM i platforms.  It integrates with JD Edwards, Mapics, HTE, Lawson, Computer Guidance, Optimum – virtually any software that generates a spool file – with no additional coding.

iForms™ is inFORM’s laser form and report generation module within the iDocs suite. Simple to complex forms can be natively designed, mapped and merged to print on standard laser printers from any IBM i server, including AS/400, iSeries and System i.

iForms features a state-of-the-art document designer and spool data mapping module to easily create and design business forms and reports.

Additionally, iForms, offers familiar native menus to define form properties to burst, sort, decollate, bundle, and electronically route documents and reports to designated laser printer Output Queues, or route electronically with the help of iMail, iFax or iView.

SmartRouter™ simplifies the accurate, reliable filtering and distribution of forms, reports and other documents within complex environments. It allows users to define and control how to burst, sort, bundle and distribute spool file output, page by page, based on rules built on unique combinations of spool file content and external spool file attributes. Its intelligent engine easily handles thousands of pre-defined conditions and tests, significantly speeding up the delivery of important documents to exactly the right people across your organization, vendor community, and/or customer base.

iMail™ snaps into iDocs to electronically distributes documents and reports by email directly and natively from your System i.  Depending on whether the input file is a simple text spool file, a graphically merged form, or a database file, iMail can automatically attach and distribute in various formats, including TXT, HTML, PDF, RTF, XLS and more.

inFORM iFax™ offers a NATIVE, software-based Fax solution for AS/400, System i and IBM i systems. As an integrated iDocs module, iFax automatically faxes reports and merged documents with options to burst, sort and transmit based on conditions on a page-by-page basis. iFax can work as a standalone solution. iFax is an inexpensive software module that runs natively and does NOT require the use of separate hardware servers that need to be maintained and upgraded. As a native software solution, iFax can easily be updated and enhanced through web downloads.

iView™ is a web based document indexing, archive and retrieval solution that allows local and remote users to quickly store, find and access documents anytime and from anywhere. iView can be implemented standalone or as an inexpensive snap-on module to inFORM’s iDocs Suite. The optional iCapture™ component extends iView’s indexing, storage and retrieval capabilities to scanned documents. Companies will realize significantly reduced paper, postage and shipping costs, as well as shorter process cycles, increased productivity and faster customer service.

iPDF™ is one of the few utilities available to the IBM i community that can generate Adobe PDF-viewable business forms, checks and reports natively on the AS/400, System i. Native PDF generation eliminates the need to download files to a PC or secondary server so documents are generated with all the security, speed and efficiency the AS/400 offers.