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SharePoint Migration

Migrate Content from File Shares to SharePoint or SharePoint Online


Every organization has files shared of static content that they have accumulated over time.  This “Digital Heap” is difficult to deal with, usually unorganized, and impossible to search effectively.  What if you could instantly move all your content from file share to SharePoint, and organize on the fly?  iCapture provides a powerful document harvesting capability within its SharePoint integration to provide powerful migration capabilities.  Below are some key features:

  • Pull metadata from folder and file names – using iCapture, you can consume entire directories of documents, and attach folder and file names as SharePoint metadata as you migrate content into your sites and libraries.  You can also OCR PDF the files.
  • Auto-classify documents – with its intelligent classification engine, you can peer into the file contents, and classify content types based on the actual content of the document.
  • Create searchable content with OCR – have a folder filled with scanned TIFF or PDF files? Run them through iCapture’s OCR process to make the contents available to crawl, and extract data.  For more on SharePoint OCR, see: SharePoint OCR Info
  • Map extracted data to SharePoint structure – with iCapture, any assigned document data allows for the dynamic creation of sites, libraries, folders, filenames, document sets and terms. With iCapture, it’s as simple as a quick mapping.

This is a just a quick overview of all the application has to offer.  You can view more in the video below or here: SharePoint Scanning and Capture.

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”OhH5RlvFZN8″]

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