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Replace IBM’s non-supported AFP/IPDS technologies

With iDocs, you can replace AFP while modernizing your documents and improving your workflow processes; distributing documents as COLORED PDF via email and fax, optionally archiving and importing them into a paperless Electronic Content Management system. Since the documents merge process occurs on the printer, graphics and macros are retained in printer memory creating smaller, faster print streams and universal laser printer availability. No expensive proprietary IPDS printers!

Key Benefits of replacing APF/IPDS with the iDocs form suite:

  • Document merges are processed at the printer (not on the IBM i) so less system overhead
  • Integrates into IFD’s modular iDocs document management system: Scan, Archive, Email, Print, Report Management, Distribute etc.
  • Open platform PCL concept with smaller graphic files and macros, replayed in printer memory, supports every single laser printer manufacturer on the market
  • Print to any network or Windows printers
  • User friendly forms/graphic design
  • Faster printing/processing (data streams are smaller)
  • Print in full COLOR
  • Print Bar Codes including 2D & 3D
  • Generate forms as PDF
  • Save $$$$ by eliminating expensive proprietary printers