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iBridge: Cross platform content management for IBMi generated spool files

Explore the use of iBridge for the IBMi…
Send spool files from an out queue or files from the IFS directory using SFTP, FTPS, or FTP File Transfer Protocols to a separate system using iBridge.

iBridge enables *SCS spooled file content to be migrated from the IBMi to alternative platforms such as Windows or a Unix Server, transformed to PDF, RTF, TXT conversion formats.

  • Enables all the spooled files from a single output queue to automatically be migrated from the iSeries, converted to text, and moved to an alternative platform such as a Windows or a Unix Server. This user interface utilizes the IBMi job scheduler enabling the API MPUTQ to be run at a specific time every day.
  • Provides the means to automatically move the contents of an entire output queue to an alternative platform.
  • Provides the means to explicitly move a single spooled file from the iSeries to an alternate platform and includes a conversion format as text, rich text and PDF.
  • Can be utilized from a Menu, scheduled to run automatically, or interactively embedded into existing CL or RPG code.

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