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Document Capture FAQ

Document Capture Software FAQ

What is the difference between document capture software and scanning software?

Scanning software provides the means to create an image of a document, in one of many formats: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc. This file is just a picture of the document, and has minimal value. Document Capture Software provides not only the imaging functionality, but uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to make the file searchable, and automatically extract important data from the document. Essentially, it can be setup to fully automate the whole process.

What is document separation and how does document capture software help?

One of the biggest challenges in scanning is separating and preparing documents. Say you have a stack of 100 variable length documents, and you want each of them to be their own scanned PDF. WIthout capture software, you would have to scan each document, one by one. With document capture separation, you can put the whole stack in the feeder, and have the capture software do all the hard work. This is called separation.

Do I have to purchase separate OCR software in addition to capture software?

Our iCapture product provides an all in one solution for both document capture and OCR. It integrates with both scanning copiers as well as any desktop scanner and will meet all your document capture and scanning needs.

Can I import files from a folder with iCapture?

iCapture has an auto-import capability that provides the means to capture documents from any local or network folder. Once captured, the documents can then be made searchable through OCR and migrated to any one of 60 document management systems supported by the document capture software.

What is Advanced Data Extraction (ADE)?

Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) is a component of advanced document capture software that allows text to be identified and extracted from any document. This information can then be used for search purposes, to name the captured document, or can be passed to our workflow software for follow on routing.

Where can I send captured documents after they are processed?

iCapture provides integration with 60+ backend document management systems, and once your documents are scanned through the capture software component, they can then be routed and named.