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Document Scanning Software

Document Scanning Software

OCR and Scanning

Scanning documents can be a painful and time intensive endeavor for any company, and many OCR and scanning solutions are quite costly, especially if you want to provide document scanning for all employees.   With inFORM’s iCapture solution, you can quickly and easily automate any paper to digital process, providing a seamless document scanning solution for all your departments and needs.  iCapture provides the following document scanning capabilities:

  • Works with any scanner – Whether you have a desktop scanner, or a copier/network scanner, iCapture can provide a powerful capture engine for scanning documents.
  • Searchable PDFs – Scan to PDF is great, but scanning to searchable PDF is better.  iCapture provides OCR technology to make all your files text based.  With OCR, you can now convert PDFs to text.
  • Integration with 60+ repositories – scan and route your documents to just about any document management or content management system with our integrations, including Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Workflow Software Integration – Scanning is only the first step in any document automation/workflow process.  With iWorkflow or K2, you can scan right into a digital process, and manage the workflow from start to finish.  Our extensive business process management tools can help you manage your scanned documents.

We provide both basic scanning capabilities, and also the ability to perform advanced capture extraction of data through Optical Character Recognition.   So whether you need basic scan to image, or complex business process document capture, our product can provide you the document scanning solution you require today.

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