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IBM iSeries Document Automation

IBM iSeries Automation Solution FAQ

In iDocs, how do I use different logos and signatures?

iDocs allows the user to configure an iSeries form or check application to conditionally print a logo based on a trigger value. You can for example, configure a form or check application to use a company number to print a corresponding logo to that number. This can be true with any trigger data and any image whether it be signatures, logos, pictures or even a completely different form overlay.

Can we use form designs we already have from another forms design software?

Yes. iDocs allows the user to export their iSeries forms from MS Word, Excel, Adobe, PDF’s etc. into iMap to take over data mapping and other form definitions.

Can I setup reports or form to email (distribute) to multiple emails or targets ?

iDocs with its Smart Routing functionality allows the user to route iSeries forms and reports to dynamic targets, such as, email addresses, fax numbers, printer output queues, or stored drives in PDF format. You can use AS400 PDF functionality to provide a paperless stream to any document management system.

Can I print to a color printer natively from my IBM iSeries AS/400 ?

Yes. iDocs supports printing to color PCL printers natively from the IBM iSeries. Forms can be printed in PCL or PDF NATIVELY with high quality and high speed, and no need to download to a PC server.

Can I print labels with or without barcodes ?

Yes on both. You can print labels to PCL capable printers and there are many to choose from. inFORM supports hundreds of barcode symbols.

Do I need a modem or PC Server to fax documents?

No. With iFax the software uses the internal IBM i modem.

How much is does your product cost?

This question really requires a conversation with our sales rep. There are various requirements and multiple modules and ways our product can be configured and sold. Our pricing is modular and competitive by design which allows us to package just the solution you needed without being forced to purchase a bundle of items that you don’t need.

Does your product support IPDS or AFPDS ?

No. On the IBM iSeries AS/400, we support PCL output which is really what 90% of the marketplace uses (HP compatible). It is usually a relatively simple switch to output SCS spool file output which can be converted to PCL. IPDS code is complex and expensive and proprietary to the IBM i, and PCL is a more broadly accepted printer datastream with more flexibility.

Does your product run natively on the IBM i – iSeries – AS/400 ?

Yes, iDocs and associated suite of software all run on the IBM iSeries natively. Some modules require Windows for the graphic requirements – like iSeries forms and image design – but once designed, the objects can upload to the iSeries for native integration

What software is required for your IBM i native forms archive and retrieval module iView?

The community edition of the Zend Server. You can download free from zend.com.

Can I save a PDF to the IBM IFS or to a networked Microsoft Server?

Yes. This requires the iPDF Monitor or iCapture modules. AS400 PDF provides all the value of having digital documents.

Will the iDocs forms merge engine start automatically?

Yes. Simple set this operation up through the job scheduler or the system startup program.

Can iView be an export target for iCapture and what does this require?

Yes. It requires ODBC connection software, which is part of IBM Access for i.