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    Streamline Your Business

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Solutions for All Your Document Automation Needs

Just what is document automation?

Businesses run their day to day operations through the use of documents. Those documents can take paper form, or they can be created as or converted to a digital document. At inFORM Decisions, we automate the process of working with all your business documents, taking away inefficiency, and creating enhanced productivity for your employees. Whether providing a physical to digital conversion with our advanced capture suite, or creating a digital archive for your content, our broad range of solutions can enhance any business process.

Below is a list of the different solutions we can provide:

Document Capture – want to automate the capture, extraction of information and routing of documents and data? Our advanced capture and scanning solution can provide automation for both paper and digital documents, and route to 60+ different content and document management systems.  More on Document Capture

SharePoint Scanning and Capture – do you need to route document and data to a SharePoint library? Using our SharePoint Scanning solution you can easily scan and make documents searchable quickly and easily.  More on SharePoint Scanning

AP Automation/Invoice Processing – Ease the pain of paper invoice processing through our innovative and easy to use solution – EasyAP. Extract information automatically, and free up your accounting staff’s time for more important projects.  More on Invoice Processing

For a full list of our iSeries/AS400 and Open Platform products, see here:  inFORM Product Listing