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  • Time to Update Your AP Invoice Process?

    Time to Update Your AP Invoice Process?

    iCapture can help
    with invoice processing automation.

  • Power On and Automate Your Invoice Process

    Power On and Automate Your Invoice Process

    Document capture and
    workflow solutions for end-to-end AP Automation.

AP Automation and Invoice Processing

AP Automation = Saving Time and Money

Invoice processing

Invoices are just plain painful, and companies usually tackle the AP Invoice Processing problem with more staff. If you are looking to OCR and digitize your invoices, and create an invoice scanning/AP automation solution, you have landed at the right place. Our document capture software provides a layered approach to the invoice problem, helping you improve efficiency, making your invoices searchable through OCR and make your staff more productive. Below are some key benefits of invoice automation:


AP Automation Features

AP Automation Features

  • Scan and extract invoice information
  • Searchable invoice PDFs
  • Capture Invoice Data with Extraction
  • Route captured invoices to 60+ systems
  • Kickoff AP invoice workflow

  • AP Automation Benefits

    AP Automation Benefits

    • Reduce time to pay invoices
    • Auto-extract invoice data
    • Free up accounting resources
    • Save money
    • Ease audit pain
    • Invoice access for all

    Other Capture and Workflow Use Cases

    Other Capture and Workflow Use Cases

  • HR Document Capture
  • AP Invoice Scanning
  • Contract Data Extraction
  • PO Scanning and Capture
  • Admin Document Scanning
  • Copier Document Routing
  • And much, much more
  • Ready to take the leap? InForm has a series of advanced AP and Invoice Solutions that are affordable for any size business, and any size AP department. Contact us today for your ticket to a streamlined paperless invoice process.