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  • Are Your File Cabinets in the Way?

    Are Your File Cabinets in the Way?

    iCapture can eliminate paper,
    And help your business run smoothly.

  • iCapture Can Surge Through Paper

    iCapture Can Surge Through Paper

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Document Capture Software = Automation

Document Capture Software and Scanning Software


Document Capture Software made easy. With iCapture, scanning documents and capturing key information through advanced OCR technology is all automated.  You just take the stack of paper, and place it in the feeder of your copier or desktop scanner, and we split, extract and route, all automatically.  Whether you are processing AP invoices, contracts, HR documents or any other paper, we can save you time, energy and money with our document capture software.

iCapture was built from the ground up to be your document capture engine to drive the paperless office.  See the value, benefit and use cases below:



iCapture Features

iCapture Features

  • Integration with Copiers and Scanners
  • OCR engine for searchable PDFs
  • Capture Data with Extraction
  • Route captured documents to 60+ systems
  • Automate the process of scanning

  • iCapture Benefits

    iCapture Benefits

    • Create efficiency and improve productivity
    • Automate any document scanning process
    • Standardized and make repeatable capture workflow
    • Everything is searchable
    • Create a paperless office
    • Eliminate manual process

    iCapture Use Cases

    iCapture Use Cases

  • HR Document Capture
  • AP Invoice Scanning
  • Contract Data Extraction
  • PO Scanning and Capture
  • Admin Document Scanning
  • Copier Document Routing
  • And much, much more
  • In summary, document capture provides efficiency, standardization and simple integration, leaving you more time for your real job, and taking away the pain of scanning.  Scanning and capturing is just the front piece of any overall document workflow or business process management(BPM) solution.Document Capture Software

    Want a quick look at a video overview?  See our Document Automation Videos.

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