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Document Scanning FAQ

Document Scanning FAQ

Do I really need additional software for scanning?

When using scanning hardware or document scanners, like a desktop scanner or copier, all you get when you hit the green button is an image. You have to name it, put it in a folder, and it is not searchable. With advanced document capture software, you can automate the process, and make life easy for your end users. Want the difference between scanning and capturing? Check out this blog post: Scanning vs. Capture

Is there a best type of document scanner can I use for scanning?

It all depends on your business environment, and the type of document scanning you are performing during the work day. iCapture can work with just about any desktop document scanner, with support for ISIS and TWAIN drivers. For copiers and network scanners, folder processing allows any scanner or device that can create an image file to leverage the power of advanced document capture.

What is the difference between document scanning and document imaging?

Document imaging is a historical term for the process of scanning and converting paper to image. Essentially, they are the same action, but today document scanning is the most commonly used term.

What type of information can I extract from documents during the scanning process?

One of the key automation features within document scanning/capture software is the ability to auto-extract information from documents based on location or a pattern. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), iCapture converts print to extractable text, and assigns it to the document for later reference.

Once I scan, how do I put the document into my repository?

With iCapture, over 60 different document management and content management systems are supported for output. So you can put the content and/or data anywhere you like.

Can I scan documents into a digital workflow process?

Yes. Inform Decisions carries document workflow software to fully automate all your business processes. Once you digitize your document, it can then enter a fully digital workflow to gain efficiency and improve productivity.

What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is the process of taking a scanned image and converting the words into text. OCR Software Solutions can provide automated data extraction, as well as provide you with searchable content. Specific solutions, like SharePoint OCR, can be specific to a system and provide for solving specific OCR requirements.