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Electronic Forms

Digital Forms for Eliminating Paper

Electronic forms provide a key technology for the elimination of paper.  inFORM’s Digital Forms provide the ability to capture data through easily accessible forms.  With the use of any browser, you can now provide data collection forms for any user.  Here are the key advantages to web-based forms:

  • Simple, Easy to Use InterfaceWeb forms can be accessed through any browser, and provide recipients an intuitive, easy to use interface for entering key information.
  • Speed of Collection – information is now entered into your database as digital forms are submitted, and data is readily accessible instantly.  You will no longer have to wait to receive paper-based forms and enter data.
  • Simple Form, Complex Data – With our web forms, you can enable complex calculations and provide verification of data at the time of collection.  This will extend your information, and minimize data entry errors.
  • Next Step in Paperless – The first step in any paperless office initiative is the scanning of incoming paper and forms.  With eForms, you now eliminate paper at the source, and reduce your paper burden and costs.
Digital Forms Solution

Easy Form Interface

Our forms are integrated with our electronic workflow product, iWorkflow, which makes them easy to introduce into your business.  Contact us today for more information.