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  • Are the Gears of Your Business Rusty?

    Are the Gears of Your Business Rusty?

    iWorkflow can create efficienct flow,
    And help your business run smoothly.

  • iWorkflow Drives Efficient Business Process

    iWorkflow Drives Efficient Business Process

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iWorkflow Automates Your Business

iworkflow process management

Map Your Business Process

Digital Transformation Software

Imagine a technology that lets you automate just about any business process, and create digital flow throughout your organization.  iWorkflow allows you to easily map and build digital process, and improve productivity and efficiency throughout your organization.  The best part is, it is affordable, and the return on your investment is easily covered by the cost and time savings (typically on just a single process!).



iWorkflow Features

iWorkflow Features

  • Automatic Task Assignment
  • Data Integration
  • Automatic Triggering
  • Digital Forms
  • Integration with IBM iSeries and Open Platform Systems

  • iWorkflow Benefits

    iWorkflow Benefits

    • Create efficiency and improve productivity
    • Automate any process
    • Standardized and make repeatable workflow
    • Simple, agile changes
    • Insight and metrics
    • Eliminate manual process

    iWorkflow Use Cases

    iWorkflow Use Cases

  • HR Onboarding Workflow
  • Capital Expenditure Processing
  • Document Approvals
  • AP Approvals
  • Sales Automation
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Customer Quoting Approvals

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