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  • IBM iSeries Document Automation

    IBM iSeries Document Automation

    Automate your IBM iSeries document

iSeries Document and Payment Products

inForm Decisions has a wide variety of native iSeries and AS400 solutions targeted at your IBM automation needs.



iSeries Document Automation

iDocs is the central processing engine for all of inFORM’s document automation products on the iSeries, and provides queue monitoring, spool file management and much, much more.

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iSeries Forms Software

Need a solution for mapping print spool data to a form? iForms provides a powerful solution that has minimal impact on your iSeries environment, and allows forms printing solutions to be deployed.

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iCheck ™ – Secure Laser Check Printing

inFORM Decisions has been recognized worldwide for their developments and implementations of secure, reliable and seamless MICR laser check printing systems which allow users to bring, in-house, laser check printing operations.

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iDocs DesigneriDocs Designer

iDocs Designer

A powerful user-friendly forms designer for multi-platform environments

iDocs Designer is a powerful, easy to use forms designer that can be utilized for mapping print or spool data to into a pre-designed form.

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Smart RouterSmart Router

Smart Router

Rules-Based Processing and Distribution for iSeries – System i Spool Files

SmartRouter is an iDocs module that provides intelligent filtering and distribution capabilities to your iSeries. It integrates with many other modules to provide distribution through fax and mail.

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iMail Spool File Report and Form Management

Want to distribute documents electronically through email and eliminate paper? The iMail module provides a spool to email option when combined with our other products.

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Fax Spool File Report and Form Management

iFax provides fax capabilities for users through the desktop, or can enable spool to fax capabilities when combined with iDocs. Want to learn more about fax enablement for your iSeries?

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iPDF – The Native PCL to PDF Converter

iPDF is a “print to digital” solution that takes standard HP LaserJet PCL print streams and allows conversion to a digital PDF file. Trying to eliminate paper?

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Feature-rich, affordable document capture and scanning solution

Looking to automate your document scanning process? iCapture provides powerful document automation and OCR features in an affordable package.

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Web-based Content Management Solution for the iSeries, System i and Power Systems

Want to archive your documents and make them available for search and retrieval via a web interface? iView provides an easy to use interface, with powerful integration capabilities.

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IBM i native Mobile Signature Capture

Looking for a way to eliminate the need for singed paper documents? With iSign, documents can be signed with a mobile device, avoiding the need for a paper print process.

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IBM i Scalable Barcode Generation

IBM i native users the ability to scale barcodes, and to output to industry standard HP PCL cut sheet and continuous form label printers iBar is now capable of producing industries’ most popular bar code symboligies, including QR, 3of9, EAN, Datamatrix and more.

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A powerful user-friendly forms designer and data mapper

iMap is an evolution of 20 years of document design tool, and user interface experience. Through the years, each new version of iMap has simplified the forms design process while increasing the flexibility to create and communicate more.

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IBM i native Storefront Shopping

iShop is a professional services project area, dedicated to web enabled commerce from the IBM i platform.

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Positive PayPositive Pay

Positive Pay

iSeries Positive Pay electronic check security for the IBM i

Positive Pay is an electronic process by which companies and banks can mutually increase their level of security to an organization’s check printing process.

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