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  • K2 = Building Blocks of Process

    K2 = Building Blocks of Process

    K2 blackpearl workflow
    are process building blocks for business.

  • Remove the Rust From Your Business

    Remove the Rust From Your Business

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K2 Workflow – Blackpearl & Appit


Looking for information on K2 workflow/blackpearl/Appit?K2 workflow and BPM

inForm Decisions is a K2 partner, and can help with all your workflow and BPM needs.  K2 has one of the most powerful workflow engines on the market, but the product goes way beyond just workflow.  It is a Business Process Management Suite (BPM) comprised of workflow, forms, reports and a powerful data integration layer.  With on-premise support and cloud-based BPM, it fits in any size business, regardless of budget or tech infrastructure.   Read more about  K2 blackpearl workflow below:


K2 Features

K2 Features

  • No code BPM and BPA platform
  • Forms, Workflow, Reports and Data Layers
  • Patented smartobject Data Integration
  • Drag and drop designers for workflow and forms
  • Workflow rules and business logic

  • K2 Benefits

    K2 Benefits

    • Create efficiency and improve productivity
    • Enable citizen developers to build apps
    • Standardized and make repeatable processes
    • Integration with Oracle, Salesforce, SQL, SharePoint and more
    • Paperless accelerator
    • Eliminate manual process

    K2 Use Cases

    K2 Use Cases

  • HR Onboarding
  • AP Routing and Workflow
  • Paper Forms Replacements
  • Purchase Order Process
  • Document Approvals
  • Document Routing
  • And much, much more
  • inForm Decisions is a K2 partner, and can provide additional information, K2 pricing and a tailored demo to show you the value of this software suite.  Contact us today.