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Copier to SharePoint

Scan & OCR to SharePoint with a Copier

SharePoint Copier Scan

Because of the collaborative nature of Microsoft SharePoint, copiers/MFPs seem to be the scanning hardware of choice when it comes to scanning/OCR to SharePoint.  When combined with advanced document capture software, copiers provide an easy “on ramp” for scanning all types of documents.   Here are some of the benefits of using iCapture with copiers and SharePoint:

  • Low training requirement – with iCapture’s intelligent routing sheets, scanning to SharePoint from a network scanning device becomes a simple task. You can utilize barcodes and checkboxes, and just slap a cover sheet on a document to route it quickly to the right site, library and set content type and metadata.
  • Tight integration – the dynamic nature of iCapture provides automated routing based on OCR text content. Just build business rules, and route documents intelligently based on the OCR text.
  • Everything is searchable – through the use of powerful SharePoint OCR, all documents scanned from a copier become OCR text PDFs, allowing you to search the full content of your libraries.
  • Works with just about anything – do you have different makes and models of copiers? No need to worry, as long as it can scan to TIFF or PDF, you can utilize it with iCapture.
  • Ties Into SharePoint Workflow Solutions – Scanning documents to SharePoint is usually only the first step of many to achieve document automation.  With our document capture solution, tapping into the power of SharePoint Workflow for post scan processing is a snap.

Want to see how iCapture can make OCR, scanning and document automation from copiers to SharePoint a snap?  Contact us today.