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Business Process Workflow

In the world of the paperless office, document workflow solutions provide a means of creating digital business processes. Business Process Management (BPM) not only allows you to take a physical business workflow and make it digital, but it also allows reporting, and an in depth view of the flow of operations. The solutions can be everything from a basic approval process, say for vacation approval, to complex accounting approvals. Below are some of the key benefits of a digital workflow solution:

Digital Document Routing – moving physical documents through an organization can be time consuming, and difficult to prioritize. Workflow software and document automation provide a comprehensive way to route documents through a chain of users.

Visual Processing– being able to visualize and tune your business operations on a screen is a powerful tool, and can add efficiency and process optimization. With iWorkflow, its as easy as seeing a screen representation of your business. Quickly find bottlenecks and operational issues.

Reporting – reporting on operational efficiency is no longer a guessing game. Run reports to analyze your process and users.

Process Analysis – through both visual tools and reporting, you now have all the information you need to analyze your business processes and fine tune them.

No matter your business type, or process complexity, inFORM has a set of tools to automate any business process in a short amount of time.   We provide two workflow platforms to meet different business needs.

iWorkflow – iWorkflow is a basic Business Process Management platform that integrates with the IBM iSeries and AS400 systems, and can also be utilized with other systems.  It provides workflow functions to automate processes and drive efficient business.

K2 – K2 is an Enterprise Intelligent Business Management System (iBPMS), and provides a no-code platform for building not only workflow, but also allows for digital forms, reports and data integration.  It has an extensive feature set, and deep functionality for any type of business.

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