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Scan and OCR

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OCR and Scanning

Looking for document scanning and OCR software?  With inForm’s iCapture solution, you can do a wide variety of scanning and OCR functions:

  • Use any scanner or import from a folder – have a copier?  Want to use a desktop scanner?  You can do either with iCapture’s flexible import features.  Have a windows folder full of non-searchable PDFs you want to make searchable or extract text?  Do so with a click of a button.
  • Convert PDFs, TIFFs, JPGs or any other image type – With iCapture’s OCR engine, you can instantly convert any type of image into text.
  • Simple Document Scanning – Just want a fast and simple way to scan documents and archive to a folder?  You can do simple scanning processes, or use all the complex features.
  • Want to send files to another system? With iCapture you have the flexibility to send documents and OCR text anywhere you like, including almost any document management system.

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