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Form and Survey Processing

Making Forms and Surveys Easy: Automated Data Entry


In a perfect world, all forms would be digital forms, and everyone would have access to a computer or tablet, but that is not the case. Paper forms are still used in all types of organizations, and they provide a way for all types of individuals to provide feedback and critical business information. With iCapture, processing paper-based forms and surveys is quick and easy, with all information being extracted from the paper using Optical Character Recognition or OCR. Below are some key features:

No More Hand-keying Information – with our document automation technology, information is automatically extracted and available via OCR for analysis and use.

Extract Form Data – iCapture provides the ability to extract check marks (OMR), typed information (OCR) as well as hand-printed text (ICR). All of these technologies give you a powerful form data extraction tool for converting PDF to Text.

Classify Forms – Have a stack of different forms? Just scan the stack, and iCapture will auto-classify and extract information from different forms/surveys and layouts using OCR and workflow automation technology.

Send Forms and Data Anywhere – with our 60+ integrations, your form or survey data can be sent to a database, spreadsheet, SharePoint, or any other repository you desire.


Take a peek at how Microsoft Legal uses capture to classify, process and extract immigration forms:



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