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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Convert Images to Searchable PDFs with OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is an essential component of any document scanning, automation or imaging solution. Taking scanned image files and converting them to a searchable PDF provides powerful search capability for an organization. Using inFORM’s advanced document capture solution, any organization can convert their scanned documents to PDF, and also extract key information and data from documents for later use. Here are some key benefits of advanced capture and OCR Solutions:

Image to Search – document scanning solutions can provide a seamless process for converting all scanned documents from scanners, copiers and fax to a searchable format (using OCR).  Add our iView Document Management System, and now you have a complete document search solution.  You do the following: PDF to Text, TIFF to Text, JPG to Text.

Data Extraction – with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), scanned document text information can be automatically extracted and used for search, analytics or business purposes.  You can also route the OCR text to a workflow or BPM solution.

Document Automation – using OCR extracted information, our intelligent solutions can be used to route documents, or kickoff workflow processes.  Add this SharePoint OCR feature, and you have intelligent, automated workflow.  You can also use business rules and advanced routing found in K2 or iWorkflow to further automate.

All businesses can benefit from our iCapture scanning and OCR solution, providing the power of OCR for your organization. The best part is that we integrate with over 60 different ECM systems, including Microsoft SharePoint. Want to learn more, or see you sample documents converted?

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