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iDocs Open

iDocs Open

Document Automation for Unix, Windows, Linux and the Cloud

iDocs Open is a comprehensive Document Management tool which integrates the years of paperless technology experience that inFORM Decisions has in the document automation arena into a powerfully automated document processing system.

At its core,  it is capable of capturing and processing print or database output from almost any platform server on the market, and merging it with a graphical form that you design (iDocs Designer) and/or with potentially many other graphic objects like signatures, logos, pictures, barcodes and much, much more.

IO contains a built in forms designer, print or spool data mapping tool, an automated merge engine, an ability to capture data from Windows, Unix, AS/400, Linux and almost any source and conditional processing and output specifications that the user can define.

Once a form is designed, mapped, defined for output and routing specifications, the processor is enabled and iDocs Open runs in the background invisible to users running in their accounting or ERP accounting system.

Unique features of iDocs Designer

  • iDocs Open has the ability to intercept print or spool data output from multiple server platforms for processing
  • User defined batch merge engine can process multiple output from multiple platforms
  • iDocs Open offers options to distribute output through a number of mechanisms,  including email, fax and import into workflow and document routing options
  • Has the ability to distribute merge results to predefined locations – IFD, Output Queue, Windows printer drivers…  etc.
  • IO has the ability to define multiple conditions for bursting, routing, sorting and distributing jobs