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Integrated File System (IFS)

The iSeries/AS400 contains an integrated file system (IFS). This means applications written on other file systems, PC, Unix, etc., can access data stored on the AS/400. The IFS integrates all file systems on the AS/400 with one interface and one set of rules. How the AS/400 developers accomplished this was to use a single root, like a PC file system, and put all other file systems under it. From a Windows client the AS/400 would appear as a network drive. Under that drive you would have PC-like subdirectories for all the file systems the AS/400 supports. Currently there is support for PC file systems, Unix file systems, OS/400 libraries, and others. The IFS provides access to the data. The data must be in compatible format for the requesting application. The IFS includes Spool files.

The inFORM Decisions iDocs product interfaces with both the Spool Files and the DB2 database and can create custom reports and spread sheets from this stored data.


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