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iSeries Spool Automation


iDocs is the Nerve Center for inFORM’s Powerful Document Automation

inFORM Decisions is among the first application providers to be certified on IBM’s new family of expert integrated systems.

Product Description: iDocsTM is the central processing engine (administrator) that runs seamlessly with iSeries – System i – Power Systems Accounting/ERP software applications. iDocs monitors Output Queues for spool files, database files or XML data to process and route based on user-defined business rules.

Solution Description: iDocsTM provides easy-to-use menus to set up business rules for manual or automatic processing and intelligent distribution of merged, formatted reports, iSeries forms and security MICR checks.


  • Savings linked to less paper-handling, document loading, storage, distribution, postage/shipping, faxes, telephone, labor and waste
  • Faster cash flow through faster (automated) document distribution
  • Native Power System i processing means faster processing with more security and data control versus solutions that require a download to another (Intel or other) based processor
  • Reliably and accurately expedites delivery of invoices, business forms, reports and other documents to the exact people who need them via email, fax, print and/or archive
  • Integrates with iDocs’ SmartRouter so you can easily define even complex rules for how the System i should split out, process, regroup and distribute individual pages of a spool file
  • No impact on current Accounting/ERP business software…operation is transparent
  • Conditional routing based on pre-defined business rules on a page-by-page basis
  • Payback period is normally 6 to 12 months
  • Usable with all iSeries, System i and Power Server accounting/ERP solutions including JD Edwards, Mapics, Lawson, HTE, SAP, ORACLE, Computer Guidance, Optimum, Metalware, Pansophic, DCMS, PRMS, Infinium …any software application that generates a spool or XML file output
  • Supports to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and HIPAA compliance and security requirements
  • Powerful conditional options for users to dynamically and automatically call different data mapping routines, overlays, routing instructions and form sets
  • On-line documentation and reference materials immediately available with Dokuwiki
  • Dedicated support line and staff exists for all inFORM products
  • Reduces/eliminates use of paper, reducing costs and pressure on forests
  • User friendly Utility Menu facilitates product administration and setup


  • iDocs offers high speed performance: processes merges and distribution operations in seconds
  • Automatic engine monitors, captures, converts and routes to recipients based on predefined business rules
  • iMap the state-of-the-art graphical and coordinate (green screen) methods to align/map spool data to the correct locations on the predefined form or report
  • Auto-burst, sort, decollate, collate options for all report and document applications
  • Routing information (email, fax, print outque) can be retrieved from an existing data base or spool file
  • SmartRouter integration automates complex filtering and distribution requirements of spooled reports, iSeries forms, invoice runs and business documents – on a page-by-page basis – for fast, repeatable delivery of documents.
  • Sort sequences for group pages and/or for a single recipient
  • Create formsets with collated output from different spool file merges and different sources
  • Mobile digital signature capture option available — See iSign for details.
  • Supports an unlimited number of form, report or check applications
  • Supports duplex (backside) printing, assuming laser printer supports duplex