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Immigration Paperwork

There is a better way to manage your USCIS paperwork.


See how one of the world’s largest software companies has streamlined its immigration paperwork processes using iCapture.

Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) division had a paper problem that needed a resolution. For example, the Legal Team was buried in paper records, and with strict requirements on their record keeping process, paper was creating business bottlenecks due to the inefficiencies of physical records.  The records facility was growing at a rate of 3,000 files per month, adding to the already 35,000 files in storage. Many of the files, up to two reams in length, were difficult to manage, and retrievals were creating an adverse impact on team efficiency. “Retrieving files was a lengthy and complicated process,” said Joe Do, Microsoft Program Manager for Corporate Records and Contract Automation. “Record clerks were inundated with requests for files, and records were constantly being copied and recreated to provide the Legal Team with working copies.”   

Solution Requirements

Program Management began examining options to convert the physical records to digital copies and store them in Microsoft SharePoint Records Center.   They examined a wide variety of solutions, from companies offering managed scanning services to in house, on premise capture solutions, to convert the existing records and enable electronic processing of incoming records.  The solution needed to be streamlined and provide fast, efficient management of the capture, process and migration steps to Bridge the Gap and create digital records within SharePoint Libraries. 

The inFORM Decisions Solution

The inFORM Decisions / PSIGEN solution was selected for its ease of use, relative cost, and its level of integration with SharePoint. The Department now uses iCapture workstations and Canon Scanning hardware to process existing and incoming records. “Physical records are now reviewed, and passed on to the Imaging Team for scanning. This has reduced our physical files down to minimal size, and allows for retrieval of digital files through the SharePoint search feature. It also allows the business virtual access to the records 24 hours a day” said Joe Do. 

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