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  • How Do You Find the Needle in a Haystack?

    How Do You Find the Needle in a Haystack?

    iCapture provides OCR text,
    And makes all your documents searchable.

  • Scan and Convert Files with OCR

    Scan and Convert Files with OCR

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OCR Software

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) may seem like magic, but the software provides a great tool to any size business today.  You can use it for:

  • Converting scanned pages to searchable text
  • Converting old paper documents to Word
  • Extracting form information with document capture
  • Extracting invoice information for AP Automation

OCR is included with iCapture and can provide all of this and more at an affordable price.


OCR Features

OCR Features

  • Scan and extract invoice information
  • Searchable PDFs
  • Capture Data with Extraction
  • Route OCR text to 60+ systems
  • OCR Convert to Word

  • OCR Benefits

    OCR Benefits

    • Everything is seachable
    • Save time on searching for documents
    • End hand keying of information
    • Save money
    • Ease audit pain
    • Document access for all

    OCR Use Cases

    OCR Use Cases

  • Contract information extraction
  • AP Invoice extraction
  • Make old documents searchable
  • Convert scanned documents to Word
  • Convert plan drawings
  • Copier OCR
  • And much, much more