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Positive Pay

PositivePay by inFORM Decisions

Positive Pay

iSeries Positive Pay electronic check security for the IBM i

Positive Pay is an electronic process by which companies and banks can mutually increase their level of security to an organization’s check printing process.

As an optional security module to inFORM Decisions’ iChecks laser check printing software, Positive Pay captures pertinent information (check number and amount) and saves it into the Cash Handling File. During a pre-set and automated time, an AS/400(iSeries) auto-job collects the data from the Automated Cash Handling File, formats the header, trailer and bank information, then runs a calculation of totals and transmits this report via the AS/400(iSeries) ECS modem to the pre-selected bank. Thus, the bank is only authorized to process those checks included on the Positive Pay Report.

“This Positive Pay Report in correlation with the bank’s record statement raises the security bar for bad guys attempting to pass fraudulent checks. By implementing this powerful security module a company is offloading accountability and responsibility of check fraud to their bank! If for any reason the bank cashes a check that was not on the report, the bank is liable.” says Dan Forster, President of inFORM Decisions.

inFORM Decisions specializes in electronic check and form systems for the AS/400(iSeries) and associated Client-Server environments. For more information on inFORM Decisions’ electronic form and check printing systems.

System Requirements:
AS/400(iSeries) with OS/400, RISC v3r7m0 and higher.