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Database Modernization

A total end to end modernization solution for IBM i environments

Unlock the full potential of your IBM i system with Adsero Optima database modernization solutions. Improve application performance and provide the agility to meet business demands, while extending the business value and competitive advantage of your core IBM i applications.

  • Extend the value of your heritage applications. Achieve a quick ROI.
    Why move to a new platform to extend application functionality? The hard and soft costs are enormous: new hardware and software, training programmers and end users, loss of productivity, transaction errors from new processes, redirecting IT staff resources to the migration instead of to more pressing projects, and the list goes on.
  • Improve agility with the latest technologies
    Get all of the technology advancements that come from DB2 SQL: a modern UI (user interface) delivered to any device-anywhere-anytime, cloud and SaaS for multi-premise environments, streamlined web deployment, access to a wider range of business intelligence tools, and more.
  • Improve Performance
    Database modernization reduces the size of heritage code by up to 80%, which improves readability, reduces complexity, makes applications easier to maintain, and provides more than a 50% improvement in end user response times.
  • Modernize natively. No “surrogates” required
    Enable richer SQL DDL support, without the use of surrogates, for a better database modernization foundation for heritage applications. This drives database validations and relationships out of the heritage code base and into the DB2 database engine, which dramatically improves application efficiency.
  • Gradual, low risk implementation
    No recompilation of legacy code needed. No users are impacted. Facilitate a completely non-disruptive, gradual sanitization and consolidation of metadata and structural metadata during the modernization process. Databases remain fully in synchronization to allow transaction process mirroring.
  • Pure Systems TM Ready
    IBM PureSystems is a finely-tuned integrated system providing industry expertise in an elastic, cloud-ready infrastructure to dynamically support the ever-changing demands of business. Get the most from this new architecture by modernizing application databases with Adsero Optima — the first solution designed to modernize heritage IBM i applications that have been optimized for IBM PureSystems.
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