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AO Components


AOF is the core migration engine that delivers a fully functional and modern DB2 database. This is achieved by migrating native DDS to DDL. AOF is bundled with AO Replay which keeps the two databases (DDS and DDL) completely in sync during the modernization process, allowing transaction process mirroring.


AOL controls and guides the process of moving database validations and relationships out of the underlying heritage programming language (RPG code) and into the database engine with full central management. This translates into an up to 80% reduction of the heritage code base, which reduces complexity, improves code readability, while optimizing code maintainability and application performance.


AOO delivers a device-agnostic user interface (also known as “delivery channel”) with a dynamic multi-channel user interface rendering. This supports the transformation of legacy 5250 green screens into modern and mobile applications.


AOC delivers integral support for workload balancing across multiple systems and nodes for optimal deployment in a multi-host/multi-location scenario for IBM i cloud applications. This eliminates the need to redevelop or redesign line of business applications (eg. financial or brokering systems) when Cloud or SaaS delivery is required, which saves significant time and money.