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Signature Secure

iSign Signature Secure by inFORM Decisions


Signature Secure

Product Description:
Announcing Signature Secure which is an easy to use software tool that allows authorized users to send encrypted signature files to a specified printer for printing on documents. Common uses include: Printing signatures on checks; Printing logos on forms; Printing form designs.

The Signature Secure software solution replaces the old Check Secure hardware, and for a limited time we can offer trade-in pricing on old the Check Secure devices which are now end of life.

Signature Secure is designed to be an easy to use software tool for users that have a need to authorize the use of their signature on checks and other documents when being printed. When being used, the authorized user logs-in to Signature Secure using a secured password. Once in the Signature Secure software, the user selects the printer’s profile, and with a single entry the user’s encrypted signature file is transported to the printer for use. Once completed with the use of the signature, the user simply strikes the single select delete button and the signature is removed from the printer.

Live Signature-Secure demo


  • Single authorized user
  • Secured unreadable files within the environment
  • Minimum key strokes to use
  • Track uses, file transmissions, and activity
  • Track uses, file transmissions, and activity
  • Payback period is normally 6 to 12 months
  • Use with multiple printers from one central location


  • Secured password entry
  • Proprietary file encryption
  • Quick button transmission
  • Journal tracking
  • Specified printer profile retention
  • Multi printer operations