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AP Automation

AP Automation

Accounts Payable Processing is one of the most paper consuming and labor-intensive processes in any office setting, which is why AP Automation offers enormous potential for cost savings within an organization.


With AP automation, on average, companies can save over 70% on the cost of invoice processing alone. Saving time and money is just the start of the benefits of A/P automation.

  • Increase Visibility – Instant, secure access to invoice images and status notifications eliminate waiting periods and provide availability from anywhere.
  • Reduce Fraud – Internal controls are simplified and centralized, and additional layers of security access controls are put in place for strengthened security
  • Improve Efficiency – Improvements of quality measures with automation reduce the high error rates known to plague paper-based processing
  • Save Money – With invoice scanning and AP workflow solutions, faster processing means avoiding late payment fees and taking advantage of early pay discounts.

At Inform Decisions, we provide end-to-end solutions for any accounting automation project, including document capture, business process management software and applications for all your printing needs.  Contact us today for more information and a demo.


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