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Document Management

Archive. Search. Retrieve. Route.

Document Management System

The term “document management” can be used with so many meanings, and it really just gets down to the efficient management and use of your business content and documents. Through iView, your physical file cabinets and paper documents now become digital. Making document management a breeze, and finding content as simple as typing a search query to find OCR content. Our iView product provides the following functions:

  • Archive – with iView, your documents are “intelligently” stored, with retrieval in mind. Documents can be archived from a print or fax process, through advanced document capture, or through any other document process your organization requires.
  • Search – through iView, documents can be found quickly and easily. Using an intuitive and simple search interface, you can search and retrieve documents just like you search the web: through your browser.  Using our front-end Optical Character Recognition (OCR), you can search the full contents of any PDF, TIFF or image.
  • Route – sending documents to email/fax recipients and workflow processes can be done through iView’s intuitive interface with the click of a mouse.  You can also use complex business rules and routing by adding our workflow or BPM suites.
  • Processing – iView is a central repository that can be utilized by all of inFORM’s document automation products to automate all your document processes, and add efficiency and productivity to any organization.
  • Business Process Management – once documents are in digital form, it makes managing workflow and business process a snap.  With our workflow software solutions, you can now gain insight into all your business process.


Whether you run an IBM iSeries, or need an Open Platform Solution for your Windows/Linux/Cloud environment, we can provide powerful document automation, management, and capture solutions. Learn more about inFORM’s suite of Document Management and Automation products today.