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Electronic Discovery Made Simple

Electronic Discovery

The flood of electronic documents have made legal proceedings painful, and usually the firm with the best technology gains the advantage.  So how do you find that needle in a haystack?  With iCapture you can scan, OCR and process large volumes of electronic documents quickly and easily.  Below are some key areas of eDiscovery, and how iCapture can help:

Bulk Processing – iCapture is built to harvest all types of documents from storage and process them.  You can scan the documents, or import them from a folder.

Classification – key search criteria can be specified, and documents can be automatically classified and routed for further review through our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.

Recognition – non-searchable images, like TIFF and PDF, can be converted using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to fully searchable documents.  The OCR engine can also provide zone OCR capabilities to just extract the text from the document you desire.

Extraction – extracting key metadata from documents, including paragraphs of text, can be accomplished through the use of a pattern matching engine.

Routing – the final review platform can be just about any repository, as iCapture supports 60+ output integrations for all types of systems.  For complex routing, you can also add our workflow software or business process management (BPM) for additional document automation.

Do you want the document automation and workflow advantage today?  See how we can find that needle in the haystack with our powerful advanced document capture tool.