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Sharepoint and DMS Integration Support

Sharepoint and DMS Integration Support

Implementation, Integration, Training & Supports

Whether you are new to, or own Sharepoint,  IFD can help train and plan and connect the dots of disparate DMS or ERP systems to maximize investments you may have already made.  We offer discovery calls, listening and understanding document workflow to understand what is currently installed and working successfully.

inFORM will work with you to leverage your existing DMS or Sharepoint infrastructure with the objective to minimize custom development in order to meet budgets. We try to utilize out-of-the-box functionality as much as possible, as business requirements can get complex, especially if migrating or optimizing from a legacy environment.

IFD Consultants work with their clients to build and leverage Sharepoint sites that deliver a single infrastructure to provide portal and collaboration capabilities across the internet.  Site functionality has the ability to bring users together to share information and expertise within and across organizations.

We’ll work with you to leverage Sharepoint or another DMS to deliver core content management capabilities into a single extensible platform.  These capabilities are central to the Sharepoint platform and provide a consistent approach to managing traditional content, web content and social content (blogs and wikis).  By taking an integrated approach to Enterprise Content Management (ECM), we can reduce the need to maintain multiple systems and develop costly integration solutions.  inFORM Decisions has the qualifications, certifications and reputations to offer our clients confidence in our partnership to meet all content management needs.

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