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SharePoint Scanning Solution

SharePoint for Scanned Images?

Document Scanning and OCR for SharePoint

SharePoint has hit I.T. departments like a tsunami, and administrators are looking for document automation applications to help structure and standardize the addition of documents and data to the repository. ICapture provides a powerful document scanning, OCR and capture engine that can streamline any SharePoint Scanning and Capture workflow. Below are some featured highlights:

  • Leverage Existing Copiers and Scanners – iCapture is compatible with just about every desktop scanner, and can link your scanning copier to SharePoint within a matter of minutes.  PDFs scanned can be converted into text using optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Just Press the Green Button – with iCapture’s document automation, scanning is a snap. Auto-extract document information through barcodes, text extraction and pattern matching. Just start your scan, and before you get back to your desk, the job is done, and the document and data re in SharePoint.
  • Scan Anything – Got contracts? Forms? Invoices? You name it, our flexible and feature rich document capture platform can morph to your organization’s needs, providing you with automation, efficiency and improving worker productivity.
  • Just Search It – with iCapture and its SharePoint OCR technology, everything becomes a searchable PDF. So not only can you extract information, but you can create a fully searchable digital “file cabinet” quickly and easily.
  • SharePoint Workflow – need to pickup the scanned document or act on OCR text?  K2’s powerful SharePoint workflow can help.  See K2 for SharePoint

Take a quick peek at the video below to see how it all works.

With just a phone call you can prevent the creation of a digital mess, and standardize the flow of documents into SharePoint. Contact us today to find out how.