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Smart Router

Rules-Based Processing and Distribution for iSeries – System i Spool Files

Product Description: 
Smart Router is the iDocs module used to facilitate complex filtering and distribution requirements for IBM i spooled reports, forms and business documents. It controls the bursting and processing of spool files by individual page based on conditional user-defined criteria, and intelligently sorts, re-bundles and delivers spool content to individual targets. Smart Router output feeds directly into other iDocs modules for distribution via email, fax and/or printer, or for indexing and storage in a Web-based archive for easy browser-based retrieval, 24×7.

Solution Description: 
Smart Router allows users to easily pre-define, in detail, how the System i should split out, process, regroup and distribute individual pages of a spool file in order to expedite delivery of business forms, reports and other documents into the hands of the exact people who need them, reliably and accurately.


  • Increases speed, precision and ease of document distribution
  • Splits spool files into logical pieces for processing, then intelligently repackages final reports/forms and delivers without human intervention
  • Reduces errors and delays in getting critical information into users’ hands
  • Establishes a highly repeatable, automated process for complex distribution requirements
  • Enables faster, more accurate AP/AR processing
  • Improves customer satisfaction with faster delivery of documents according to each recipient’s preference
  • Leverages the power, security and processing speed of your System i – iSeries server
  • Precisely controls complex document or report distribution
  • When used in conjunction with iView, automates the web-based archiving function so that document/form is immediately available to authorized people via browser.


  • Clean interface for users to define how to burst, sort and distribute forms and reports
  • Can add text to the iSeries spool file, that can be used as a trigger or mapped and printed
  • Can be utilized to eliminate DBCS from spool files
  • Conditional spool file mapping identifies specific pages of a spool file to be directed to pre-specified targets and controls how each page is processed, bundled and delivered
  • Easy-to-follow menus with useful prompts help users quickly define custom conditions, tests and targets
  • Conditions and tests can include any combination of external spool file attributes, internal spool file content and targets (output definitions) for accurate implementation of unique or complex requirements
  • Intelligent engine easily handles thousands of targets, conditions and tests
  • Output Definitions accommodate overrides on external spool file attributes so processed files are easily identified within the output queue
  • Native System i processing means faster performance and improved capabilities over solutions that require PCs
  • iDocs Suite integration lets users merge processed spool files with business form graphics, convert to PDF, print, email, fax and/or index and store in a Web-based archive for easy browser-based retrieval.

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