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iSeries Barcodes for Spooling


IBM i Scalable Barcode Generation

iBar 6.8 now offers IBM i native users the ability to scale barcodes, and to output to industry standard HP PCL cut sheet and continuous form label printers iBar is now capable of producing industries’ most popular bar code symboligies, including QR, 3of9, EAN, Datamatrix and more.
For current, iBar and iDocs users, its important to note that you will no longer be confined to working with fixed pitch HP fonts. You can now size the font to accommodate your print requirements, as now the user simply selects a barcode symbology, and enters the size they need. In addition, barcodes can be embedded into *SCS spool files or integrated with API commands.

Benefits and Features of iBar:

  • Create “intelligent” spool files with embedded barcodes
  • Embed barcodes for print or digital file creation (PDF)
  • Include barcodes in printed forms with the addition of iDoc
  • Easily modify barcode position, height and width
  • Broad barcode type support: CODABAR, DATAMATRIX, EAN13, EAN8, INT2OF5, ITF14, PDF417, QR, UPCA, UPCE, 128, 3of9
  • Runs natively on the IBM iSeries
  • Integration with all inFORM products

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