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iView Document Center

Web-based Content Management Solution for the iSeries, System i and Power Systems

Product Description:  iView is the affordable iSeries – System i native document archive – retrieval solution performing content management functions to enable the capture, storage, indexing and retrieval of spool files, merged documents and scanned forms so they are accessible via a web browser by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Solution Description: iView eliminates the time and cost of storing, retrieving and sharing documents generated in an iSeries, System i or IBM i environment. The optional iCapture extends iView’s capture, indexing and storage capabilities to hard copy documents for a complete browser-accessible repository.


  • Streamlines collaborative processes with easy-to-access central repository for both electronic and scanned documents
  • Native iSeries – System i archive-retrieval processing increases security and speed over downloading to a PC or Secondary server
  • Automated rules engine provides unassisted spool file and scanned document processing
  • Improves security with password control for access to documents and virtual folders
  • Virtual Folders can be defined to control user access to documents based on document content – thus increasing security and flexibility
  • Web browser interface so users can search on spool file content or up to 20 indices for stored documents
  • No client software to install – works with Internet Explorer
  • Improves cash flow by speeding invoices and other transactional documents via email
  • Reduces costs associated with paper-based document distribution, including storage, loading, postage/shipping, waste.
  • Payback period is normally 6 to 12 months with the investment fully paid back in the first year
  • Easily understood menu interface is intuitive for IBM iSeries and System i users
  • Streamlined System i and iSeries native one-screen setup saves time]
  • Integrates with inFORM’s SmartRoutingTM functionality to facilitate, accelerate and automate invoicing and other applications via email, fax, print and archive
  • Usable with all iSeries, System i and Power Server accounting/ERP solutions including JD Edwards, Mapics, Lawson, HTE, SAP, ORACLE, Computer Guidance, Optimum, Metalware, Pansophic, DCMS, PRMS, Infinium – all software applications that generate spool files
  • Users and developers can integrate iView into in-house software solutions using available APIs
  • On-line documentation and reference materials immediately available with Dokuwiki technology
  • Dedicated support line and staff exists for all inFORM products
  • Reduces/eliminates use of paper, lessening pressure on forests


  • User friendly web browser interface utilized to retrieve documents
  • Rapid deployment of enterprise documents to a self-service web portal
  • Documents are captured, and automatically converted into popular and standard PDF format
  • User-defined rules-based intelligent engine monitors for and immediately processes inbound spooled files and scanned documents tagged for Archive
  • Option available to store archived documents on any networked server via FTP
  • Captures and processed *SCS or *USERASCII (PCL) spool files for archival purposes
  • Scanning import function (iScan) indexes and stores scanned-in documents. Easy to configure, works with your existing scanner
  • PDF documents served by Apache from the System i.
  • Archived files can reside on the iSeries – System i in IFS folders or on any networked drive
  • An iSeries – System i native Content Management solution
  • Intelligent DataQueue engines consume no processor time until a spool file becomes available to process
  • Archives under system profile or the user ID of the spool file owner
  • Searchable index can be multi-line. Users can add a column of data to the search database. This is helpful for spool files that contain multiple rows of important data

Example: a column of invoices paid on a check advice.
iView allows users to search one field for one invoice paid, rather
than have to define a separate search index for each line of the check advice.

  • Runs under Apache Web server on the System i.
  • Google-like interface for search and retrieval
  • Pre-defined administrative rules allow documents to be purged by age or date
  • Integrates with inFORM’s SmartRouting feature adding the storage feature to the automated email, fax and laser printer distribution
  • Integrates with inFORM’s iDocs for sorting and bursting; can be pre-defined prior to archive
  • Uses PDF/A, an industry-wide version of PDF that conforms to archival standards — common to iPDF, iView

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