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  • We're a Document Management Company.....

    We're a Document Management Company.....

    Capture and Scanning Options
    empowering customers with the ability to automate document creation and distribution natively
    from a single platform, and to capture documents from outside sources.

  • Workflow and BPM

    Workflow and BPM

    Wokflow and BPM

    Automate any business process

  • IBM iSeries Document & Payment Solutions

    IBM iSeries Document & Payment Solutions

    iSeries Solutions

    Document automation solutions for the iSeries:
    Form & Laser Checks, Email PDF & Excel, Spool file conversions

  • Too Much Paper?

    Too Much Paper?

    Capture and Scanning Options

    Document scanning and capture for any office

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  • Generate forms, reports, and checks natively on the IBMi

    Upload document designs and mapping instructions to our iDocs software on the IBMi and immediately utilize our iDocs Engine or use our API commands to start generating your forms, reports, and checks.

    Automated Forms/Checks Generation

  • Distribute generated documents, reports, and files natively from the IBMi

    Automatically deliver documents and reports in a variety of different formats including .PDF, .XML, .TXT, .TIF, and .XLS via email, fax, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, as wells as into local and remote directory. Additionally delivery Positive Pay reports to banks, and more.

    Document & Report Distribution

  • Capture documents and data to convert into useful electronic versions

    Import files from scanned documents, email attachments/email body, shared folders, or directly from originating systems. Identify different incoming documents, extract useful data from imported documents, run database look ups, validate collected data, and export to a repository and accounting/ERP systems.

    Document Capture & Retrieval

  • Automate and manage the flow and circulation of documents, forms, and files.

    Controlling how the flow and circulation of documents moves in, out, and around of an organization is a critically important to the efficiency of an organization. Automatically route files based on triggers and conditions to help improve the speed of the flow of information.

    Document Management & Automation

  • iCapture provides all the required features for any scanning or document capture project. OCR, copier integration, and automated extraction can help you convert your paper to digital format.

    Document Capture

  • The K2 no-code Business Applications Platform provides workflow, forms, reports and data integration capabilities to any organiztion. It is an essential piece to any digital transformation strategy. With K2 blackpearl you can provide workflow in SharePoint, mobile forms and powerfulw reporting dashboards in a snap.

    K2 Workflow and BPM

  • iDocs monitors Output Queues for spool files , database files or XML data to process and route based on user-defined business rules on the IBM iSeries.


  • iWorkflow is a powerful workflow engine for enabling the iSeries and AS400 for business process management.